Failing is the part, it surpasses as cons and pros of every events. Once who fail, ain the experience for what we do in future endevours.  But what if we fail, when we have the options.

Talking on the behalf of the Nursing   Lisencing Examination of Nepal. Here are the 5 main reasons why Nepalese Nurses are failing.

5 reasons why Nepalese Nurses fails in Lisencing Exam.

1. Bridge:

The bridge is very broad to address as subjective and objective pattern of a test questions. These questions are truly based on the practical scenario ( Objective Types). Hence they have to be competent enough to choose the exact options out of 4. Prior that, they are only exposed to the subjective one. I must say that the bride between subjective and objective is really wide.

2. Practical Knowledge ( Skills)

Nursing is the discipline of knowledge, Attitude and skills. Nothenless the question might from skills aptitude. Skills are only possible to develop out from the exposure to the practical area. Unfortunately, we lack the practical knowledge and skills. Definitely, it hampers part of our attention towards solving some questions. Moreover, Practical knowledge ( skills) is the utmost array to pass the exam.

3. Unknown to the part of various content:

Unknown is the major drawbacks which I say badluck. Here, it means to say that nursing is following different course content or the curriculum of the various universities they linked on. So, sometimes they don’t match with the actual content of what is being asked in the lisencing exam. Bsc Nursing students are unaware when they appeared in the in the typical Nepali Context lIke When MIDSON established? So, the students should strictly soaked to questions previously they don’t know.

4. Timed test practice:

Great challenge to accomplish the questions in a set time if attempted for the very first time as time is never captured by anyone. One should always have the habits to practice the test esp. “ the objective type” in a set time. Nursing students lacks to give the timed test practice.

5.Group study/ Combined study:

What we learn we forget but what we experience, it retains. Why Nepali Nurses associate their knowledge and skills in a combined way ? The answer is very simple. Mutual sharing of experience acquired from knowledge, and the skills from the practical areas. Group study is only the gateway to surpass the success in the Lisensing Examination.

Last but not the least, Definitely failing will not be our fate. The Right steps if followed, there is no doubt to drain towards failure.