Why to choose Satsom ?

Why to choose Satsom ?

Namaste, I am Nomika Nepal. I'm working as a nurse in Nepal for 12 years and recently appeared my NCLEX exam which I passed. NCLEX was a computer-based exam and to be honest, it took me a while to appear them and familiarize myself with the system. We don't have an e-learning pattern and system in Nepal however, the entire globe is learning digitally. After my attempt at NCLEX, I realized that how important it is for a nurse to learn smart?

Upon this realization, we manifested this smart preparation course for nurses, www.satsom.com.  It's a challenge to get a nursing license for today's Nepali Nurses. We study so hard, it's not like government college system where we go college every day early in the morning. Nursing education and clinical practice is so hard that sometimes we don't even have time to grab our food. Gaining experience while working is very hard yet without experience no one will hire a fresh nurse. Maintaining discipline, work and routine are very tough in nursing. Nursing is a skill-based profession which requires an adequate conceptual and cleaning skills with sufficient practical experiences.

We sacrifice a lot of things and spend so many nights working hard for our dream. It's very important to develop ourselves, to create an identity of your own and to enter a professional life of Nursing, and for all the above we must pass Nursing license exam in Nepal.

To pass license exam is a big challenge for us. To fulfill these challenges, so many coaching centers are established. We have to be very smart as the Nursing profession itself is a reputed professional. Only Coaching centers may not be enough. That's why we've started an e-learning platform for Nursing license preparing students, where you can get lecture videos, Lecture notes, practice tests, mock tests, and timed test series. If you're curious about what actually satsom is? Then please visit our website www.satsom.com and click register now, after registering you can access the demo version of the package. Satsom is the one-step solution of your career pursuit, we expertise in both technology and education.


E-learning is a scientific and modern way of learning content, accessing instant results and realizing your personal learning statistics to focus on your weakness and enhance your strength. Yes, Satsom is Nepal's largest E-learning family with over 4000 (Medical and engineering entrance) aspirants, Numerous colleges and institutes across Nepal have collaborated with Satsom. You can easily register and access to demo questions, once subscribed you can access thousands of questions, lecture notes, Lecture videos and learning statistics.

Dear Nurses, this is the best thing you can do to undergo an ideal entrance preparation, study effectively, Study smart. Grab the benefit of this modern technological world.

Nomika Nepal