Bhomi hospital publishes shortlisted candidate names

Bhomi hospital publishes shortlisted candidate names

Bhomi Hospital is a newly established community medical institution located in Banepa which breaks the same barriers people are afraid to cross. this hospital was established in the region of Banepa so that the people of that particular place, Panauti, Dhulikhel, etc will not have to reach Kathmandu for international medical assistance as the institute provides high-quality services the hospitals from Kathmandu provide, at a reasonable and affordable price. Bhomi hospital might be a private institution but their services cross the sentiment of any government hospital that exists. With State-of-the-art medical appliances and globally acclaimed medically professional staff, Bhomi can assure every person who steps into the hospital a top-notch medical treatment and hospitality. Bhomi is statistically the best life-saving hospital on the BP Highway with more than 6 ventilators, 2nd generation of highly trained professionals of medical education, and hands-on the latest technology of medical science in operation theaters and basic level treatment. 

Hospital recently published the shortlisted names of medical and non-medical staff. 


  • Shanti Shah(PCL)
  • Deepa Shrestha(PCL)
  • Sajina Shrestha(PCL)
  • Ritika Palanchoke(PCL)
  • Sahena Kayastha(PCL)
  • sachina Shreath(PCL)
  • Nirmala Thapa(PCL)
  • Bipana Thapa(PCL)
  • Puja Basnet(PCL)
  • Sabina Sapkota(PCL)
  • Aruna Basnet(PCL)
  • Swostika Shrestha(PCL)
  • Pushpa Gurung(PCL)
  • Sajana Dyola(PCL)
  • Saprina Shrestha(PCL)
  • Shrijana Shrestha(PCL)
  • Pratima Sapkota(CMA)
  • Anisha Timalsina(CMA)
  • Prakriti Shrestha(ANM)

Medical Lab Technologist 


  • Dipa Kusi 


  • Renu Baga


Medical lab Technician


  • Sujan K.C.
  • Shreeya Prajapati
  • Jyoti Shakya
  • Alisha Gora


  • Ambika Dhakal/Thapa
  • Sajina Karanjit

Non-Medical Staff


  • Rohin Parajuli
  • Sangita Bogati
  • Bhawana Upadhya
  • Asmita Shrestha
  • Sandhya Bharati
  • Nasib Deula
  • Sujan Karki
  • Roshan Raj Shrestha
  • Sima Khatri

Bhomi Hospital 


Phone number: 

011-665413 -14-15

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