Online entrance exam preparation for MBBS in Nepal with SATSOM

Online entrance exam preparation for MBBS in Nepal with SATSOM

SATSOM Is the largest e-learning family of Nepal. It provides a comprehensive and effective pattern for learning. The platform provides lecture notes from top notch instructors of Nepal. We also help you take mock examinations which is the exact simulation of real exams to help you be mentally prepared for the actual entrance exams. From your dashboard you can get access to the topper’s notes and videos to help you enhance your learning experience with us.

SATSOM provides 20 thousand+ multiple choice questions so no part of your syllabus will go out of our hands. We have you covered on every subject matter that needs to be covered on your course syllabus. SATSOM also provides instant and detailed results of the exams that you take through our platform. We evaluate your performance thoroughly so you can get a broader sense on things that you have to work on. SATSOM does everything it can to provide our students with the best service they can get. From past papers within your syllabus to tag questions where you can tag the problems that you think is important enough so you can work on it even better the next time. The methods that our platform uses are very reliable and comfortable to get used to.

On the bridge of e-learning, if you are a MBBS student looking for exam preparations, look no further than SATSOM for we provide everything a student with a will would want and furthermore.  SATSOM has been leading on this market since the fall of 2017 with IOM, BPKIHS, KU toppers who expressed their gratitude to SATSOM for helping them get through. We provide the best service for students of MBBS looking for online entrance exam preparation. SATSOM has been the topper’s choice since its launch. so hop along with us and embark on the journey to success!


  • 20,000+ Multiple Choice Questions
  • No questions are unanswered
  • Instant and detailed explaining
  • Verified tutors and lecture notes
  • A complete package of resources for MBBS
  • Detailed performance evaluation