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You can unlimitedly access top notch lecture notes of any subject/ Topics (Plus Two Science) & Video Lectures. 5000 Plus questions and dozen above sets of MOCK tests are equipped with comprehensive explanations to enhance your conceptual understandings.

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Appear practice tests, Timed Test and Test Series (Mock set as the exact simulation of entrance exams) anytime, anywhere. Do access the report card of every exams and instantly know your probability of cracking the exam.


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Your score compared to average and toppers.
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Studying online is not just a simplification of the learning process but this is also a right of every students.

Satsom is a digital revolution for Nepali Edutech. It helps to introduce students with global learning methodology and practices, making them access top notch lecture notes, video lectures, tests and Mocks. Satsom is a learning narrator and guide for thousands of Nepali +2 science students and MBBS/ Engineering entrance aspirants. The flow of students into Satsom's stall in Hissan edu fair 2019, ECAN's official magazine featuring Satsom and its partners and the growing membership of Satsom affiliated institutes and college across Nepal have inspired us.

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  • The world is studying online, why wouldn't you?
  • The world is teaching online, why wouldn't you?
  • Online learning for a global career
  • Simplify your learning process.

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Enable Nepali education to produce a globally competitive manpower through the contribution of technology and innovation into educational sector. Also to simplify and support Nepali educational sector through information technology and digital interventions.


Is your college online?

  • Suyog Dhakal
  • SEPT.29,2016

Anupa Sharma studies in grade 11, beyond classroom and college she studies through gadgets. She appears mock tests, practice tests, reviews her conceptual understandings through video lectures and the best part is she can instantly access her results, daily progress and time allocated for every question (Time Reports). This technological collaboration has not just simplified Anupa and her friend's learning pursuit but it has also inspired them to allocate more time for their study.


Don't judge your kids on the base of their merits

  • Susma Regmi: Psychologist
  • SEPT.29,2016

A teacher interprets a certain topic through his own personal understandings and perceptions and his/her fellow students understands and answers according to that. Questions and answers can vary according to teachers/ instructors. This is obvious that evaluation criteria differs and grade system is unable to widen student's perception and accommodate his/her other abilities. Grade system completely ignores the leadership and socialization skills. We as parents completely ignore to understand that these skills are a thousand time (important) than grades.


Where for medical education?

  • SEPT.29,2016

Medical education has been most preferred subject for many students. Medical education is much expensive and a laborious education so only a fewer number of students get enrolled. However for the dedicated and hardworking students, Medical education is not impossible at all. Nepali students can either study medical in Nepal or also can go abroad, choices depends on them. India, Bangladesh, China and several other countries are among the preferred destination for Nepali students in their medical academia pursuit.

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Dear Grade 11 and 12 (Science) students and engineering/ Mbbs entrance aspirants, It’s a time to simplify your learning process. It's time to be a smart student.


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